Seven of The Most Beautiful Greek Islands

Offering a diversity of jaw-dropping panoramas, lavish landscapes, adventurous activities, authentic gastronomy, and laconic beaches, the Greek Islands are among Europe’s most visited holiday destinations. Paradisaical and whimsical, otherworldly and sensational, these islands lure tourists with their colorful villages, architecturally wondrous towns, and deep turquoise water. Enjoy a caldera view in Santorini, understand the secrets of olive oil excellence in Crete, or join the huge crowds of revelers in Mykonos. Truly worthy of the attention and admiration, take a look at the seven most beautiful islands Greece has to offer.


Zakynthos-vakantie-shipwreck-beach-navagio-header#7 Zakynthos

In Zakynthos, water is crystal blue, nature is unspoiled, and sand is beautifully smooth. A Greek island in the Ionian Sea, it is a wondrous land of olives, grapes, music, and festivals. Boasting with fertile valleys and landscape diversity, there are secluded coves to the south and rugged cliffs to the north. Ruled by Venice until 1797, there is a whole range of animals that are found on the island and over 7,000 species of flowers. Here, organic food is of great importance, cheeses are wonderful and honey is delicious.

The Venetian architecture is easily noticed and the intense nightlife draws tourists back. Navagio is the island’s most beautiful beach, and can only be accessed by boat. Don’t miss visiting the Solomos Square, the Aghios Mareos square, Rouga Street, the Stranis Hill, and the Venetian Castle. Delight in the authentic mountainous villages, the old monasteries, luxurious establishments, and many picturesque reefs. Zakynthos is most certainly a divine island worth visiting if you wish to swim with turtles, go snorkeling in underwater caves, and meet hospitable people.



#6 Kefalonia

From picturesque villages to medieval castles, Kefalonia will enchant every traveler. With its exotic beaches and beautiful monasteries, Kefalonia will leave you speechless. A verdant Greek island in the Ionian Sea, it is a magical tapestry of lush hills, sprawling vineyards, and smooth sandy beaches.

Deserving of the popularity and praise, Kefalonia’s beauty lies in its turquoise waters, spectacular sunsets, lively nightlife, and age-old caves. The most popular holiday resorts are located in the fishing town of Skala, the very popular Lourdas, the purpose-built Lassi, and in the stylish Fiscardo, all individually authentic and timelessly fascinating. Its beaches are photogenic, the people are amiable, and the food is mouth-watering. Sample the local wine at the Robola Winery, get an insight into traditional Greek life at the small town of Sami, and snap a post-card perfect picture at Myrtos Beach. See for yourself why those Greek poets wrote poetry about the sea and why so many directors invaded the island.



#5 Rhodes

Whether you travel in a search of divine waters, intense nightlife or culture-filled destinations, Rhodes is abundant in all. This Dodecanese Island is a walk through antiquity, a mirage of turquoise bays, and a maze of picturesque landscapes. A sanctuary of tranquility and relaxation, Rhodes erupts with wooded valleys, ancient history, golden beaches, and romantic resorts. With eight sunny months in the year, the walled Old Town of Rhodes is a UNESCO Heritage Site that impresses with its cobbled streets, authentic architecture, and medieval ruins. The New Town of Rhodes, with its high-end shops and waterfront bars, is also an experience every traveler should not miss.

Moreover, take a glimpse of the ancient town of Lindos that will take your breath away with its narrow streets, sugar cube houses, and the Lindos Acropolis. The best accommodations here are old-town restoration inns, luxury resorts, and low-price dormitories. Delight in everything this magical land can offer and try organizing a combined tour of several Greek islands.


#4 Crete

Crete is where ancient treasures lie, verdant landscapes hide, and dreamy villages stand. Respected for its rural tavernas, freshly-made cheeses, distinctive herbs, and strong shots of raki, Crete’s unique in culture, customs, and history. Here you pair your meal with traditional white wine, your sunny days with golden beaches, and your guided tours with wondrous vistas. The advanced Minoans ruled Rhodes 4000 years ago, and the majestic Palace of Knossos is a proud reminder of that past era. The Byzantine influence is visible in its frescoed chapels, monasteries and churches, all worth visiting. Rethymno, an enchanting town with ornate monuments and floral lanes, is a charismatic Venetian sanctuary. On the other hand, Panormo is an unspoiled beach town with an authentic feel, quieter scene, and a cultural ambiance. Dress casual, ride along the seaside, sample the affordable drinks, and take a minute to admire the spectacular sunset.



#3 Corfu

A cosmopolitan gem and Ionian Sea treasure, Corfu is a heavenly retreat from everyday life. With a strong connection to Europe, this enchanting island is a blend of traditional traits and modern features. Capturing every eager traveler with its charismatic villages, vibrant nightlife and multi-cultural heritage, Corfu is a chance to marvel at historic monuments, natural landscapes, and crystal clear waters.

The island is an otherworldly Mediterranean haven with a glorious past, colorful music events, culinary feasts, and religious festivals. Kérkyra Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is abundant in Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses, and Greek, French and British cultures. Paleocastritsa, Sidari, and Acharavi are other delightful tourist destinations that are bountiful in authentic architecture and mesmerizing sights. Discover the largest square in the Balkans named Spianáda, the Liston Promenade, the Mon Repos Palace, the Mount Pantokrator, and the Archaeological Museum of Corfu. A sensational tale of cultural life, untamed beauty, and fertile land, Corfu is an adventurous mosaic of experiences.



#2 Mykonos

A beach bed with a sea view, Mykonos is a glamorous Greek island with a party-all-night reputation. A sensational blend of Ibiza meets St. Tropez, it is an alluring destination for cuisine connoisseurs, nightlife hedonists, and adventure enthusiasts. Come prepared to meet hospitable people, indulge in cruise-ship tours, and sample authentic dishes that leave you craving for more. With a number of A-listers visiting this island in a search of relentless parties and enthralling vistas, Mykonos is blooming in construction and renovation. Wander across the laughter-filled streets, party at the new hip clubs, and gaze at the picturesque Cycladic architecture that will be a fascinating experience. The luxurious yachts and upscale cruises create a cosmopolitan feel while the secluded beaches offer a sense of tranquility and deep relaxation.

Save your energy for jet-skiing, windsurfing, horseback riding, and parasailing that will give you an adrenaline rush. Its beaches like Super Paradise, Elia, and Kalo Livadi are famous all over the world for their clear waters, chic bars, and fine dining restaurants. Furthermore, Chora is one of the most charming villages in the Greek islands, with endless narrow streets, shops, churches, and whitewashed houses. A Cycladic village built amphitheatrically, Chora is a precious gem that offers magnificent views over Little Venice neighborhood, the two harbors, and the 16th century windmill. A sanctuary for entertainment junkies, glamour fans, and architecture lovers, Mykonos will certainly meet your expectations.



#1 Santorini

The largest island of a circular archipelago that bears the same name, Santorini is easily recognizable by its candy-colored houses built on cliffs, clear waters, and majestic white buildings topped with half-spheres. Housing a vast crater left by a strong volcanic eruption in 1450 B.C, Santorini beautifully rests in the Aegean Sea.

A submerged volcano and a caldera, it will instantly enchant with its Cycladic architecture, spectacular sunsets, and mouth-watering cuisine. A walk into the past, the traditional hilltop village of Oia is built on a steep slope of the caldera and is a magnet for every traveler enthusiast looking for authenticity and delicacy. An urban oasis for accomplished artists, Santorini is filled with fine accommodation, upscale dining experiences, beautiful wineries, and never-ending vineyards. The beaches are a darker shade of grey, a legacy of its volcanic past, and are framed by jagged cliffs. There are various museums, cathedrals, and galleries to explore by foot, cable car, or donkey. Observe, photograph, and cherish Santorini’s natural beauty that is a sight to be seen, rising proudly from the sea.

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