5 Best Volunteer Abroad Organizations and Projects

If your resolutions are to travel and make a difference in this world, there are many volunteering programs awaiting you. Work hand in hand with local communities, meet new friends, transform lives of others, and grow professionally and personally. Whether you wish to volunteer with animals in exotic locations, teach English to Buddhist monks, or offer medical help to the people of Ghana, your unique skills are valuable resources to many volunteering organizations around the world. Volunteer as an individual, couple, or as a family and get the opportunity to learn, understand, to inspire, and be inspired. All of the organizations listed below have excellent reviews from happy volunteers and no shortage of amazing abroad programs.


#5 Cross Cultural Solutions

If you wish to pair your hobby with meaning, seems like Cross Cultural Solutions (CCS) can change the way you see other cultures. The aim of the organization is to make volunteering a safe and thrilling adventure of a lifetime, for people of all around the world and of all ages.

It all began when Steve Rosenthal – the fearless founder of Cross Cultural Solutions – took an opportunity to help build a health clinic in Kenya. He came to realize that local people can benefit from his hard work and began to wonder if that volunteer experience could be organized on a larger scale. Today, with an alumni base of more than 35,000, CCS has a long history of positive impact.

Your job assignment will be to provide a meaningful and sustainable volunteer service to cultures abroad, and invest in their people. Volunteers at CCS will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in working in healthcare, education, and social services.

CCS Opportunities to Check Out

Volunteer in Morocco

Morocco’s large city of Rabat has many social issues including high rates of unemployment and a great deal of homeless children. Here, you’ll work alongside local people, learn about their history, and lend your hard work to helping the community.

Apart from volunteering, you’ll have the exquisite chance of visiting Morocco’s wonderful architecture, coastal towns, and spice markets. Morocco will provide a first-hand insight into Islam and all its beautiful features.

This program is available at $2687.

Volunteer in Costa Rica

When you work with the CCS Volunteer project in Costa Rica, you’ll have the opportunity to provide support for people with disabilities, offer shelter and food to abandoned children, and care for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Experience Costa Rica as a member of the community and come out with a thoughtful view of the world.

Famously admired for its incredible environmental richness, volunteering in Costa Rica also comes together with many mind-broadening cultural activities, trips to national parks, and visits to coffee plantations. Learn more about this marvelous country, get to know its warm people, and make a lasting change in their lives.

This program is available at $2687.


#4 Global Volunteers

Let your respected philosophy of service guide you through life and motivate you to reach out and lend a hand in Africa, Asia, or the South Pacific. Global Volunteers (GV) will engage you in long-term projects regarding intellectual development and physical health of children. By becoming a part of GV, you’ll have the chance to provide children essential services like health care, classroom tutoring, nutrition, and labor assistance.

Founded in 1984 and with over 30,000 volunteers in 34 countries, GV is a guard against exploration of people, a protector of host community’s independence and economy, and an employer of experts in micro-economic and human development.

GV Opportunities to Check Out

Volunteer in Crete, Greece – Teach Children and Adults

Teach the universal language of opportunity to children as a volunteer in Greece. Assist with language camps, after-school programs, recreational activities, and demonstrate the values of peace, friendship, and respect.

Especially relevant is that you don’t need any previous teaching experience except for general knowledge of English. As a volunteer with GV, you’ll enjoy the alluring beauty of the island of Crete while helping young students succeed in the professional world.

This program is available at $2795.

English Teaching in Vietnam

Due to the lack of teachers with sufficient English abilities for teaching, volunteers in Vietnam are respected and valued visitors. Your task will be to improve students’ listening and speaking skills, as well as organizing fun games and activities within the classroom.

Experience the amazing Vietnamese culture as an important resource and help advance the development vision and goals of the community.

This program is available at $2495.


#3 International Volunteer HQ

Change always begins with you and a responsible volunteer organization that offers a wide-variety of life-changing opportunities. With International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ), you can choose to volunteer from a period of one week to six months in a wide range of countries including Fiji, Nepal, Cambodia, Peru, Ecuador, and Thailand. By being a member of IVHQ, you can help with teaching, healthcare, wildlife conservation, community development, and childcare, and will have an opportunity to take back the experiences to your own country.

IVHQ’s fundamental values are responsibility, innovation, trust, and passion. This organization is a chance to demonstrate your ambition, tenacity, and dedication to make a significant global impact in the best possible way.

IVHQ Opportunities to Check Out

Volunteer in Medicine in Ghana

Help Ghana’s smaller communities deprived of basic medical care, and work closely with the local staff. As a result of the shortage of trained medical professionals to work in this region, IVHQ needs volunteers with at least two years of medical training and qualifications.

Some projects include assisting with childcare, midwifery, and the orphanage programs. Note that the resources of this program are extremely limited.

This program starts at $270.

Marine Conservation in Madagascar

Fall asleep listening to the ocean knowing that you helped protect its biodiversity at the secluded island of Madagascar. IVHQ offers the opportunity to monitor the health and growth of reef systems, establish the estimated inventory of Madagascan turtles, preserve marine animals, and educate the local community about environmental issues.

Every volunteer who wishes to participate on this project must have the Open Water Dive Certification and the Advanced Open Water Dive Certification that should be completed prior to arrival in Madagascar or they can be completed in Madagascar.

This program starts at $1040.


#2 Global Vision International

Running high-impact volunteer and education programs, Global Vision International (GVI) is an organization with 15 years of experience and more than 25,000 participants from 25 counties around the globe. Find yourself in the savannas of Africa, coral reefs of the Caribbean, or in the rainforests of Central America and get the chance to live a more globally aware and fulfilling life.

Whether you’re passionate about wildlife, education, or health, GVI offers internships at leading international organizations, Study Abroad programs, volunteer projects, and service learning.

GVI Opportunities to Check Out

Wildlife Research in South Africa Expedition

Volunteer on critical wildlife conservation projects and learn to track animals, study their behavior, and conduct surveys, surrounded by the most fascinating landscapes in the world. Get an insight on how ecosystems rely on each other and witness nature in its simplest form.

Prior becoming part of the team, you need to go through training in order to learn how to use research equipment, and how to identify and track different animals.

This program starts at $2390.

Marine Conservation Expedition in the Seychelles

Learn how to identify fish and corals in the Indian Ocean, dive amongst tropical islands, search for the mega-fauna in the area, and experience a unique adventure with the help of GVI. Most importantly, you will contribute to the vital conservation efforts to preserve the islands’ endangered species, guided by an international team of passionate volunteers and experts.

This program starts at $4100.


#1 Peace Corps

With 50 years of experience, hundreds of projects, 220,000 volunteers in 140 countries, Peace Corps (PC) is one of the world’s leading international volunteer organizations.

PC’s goal is to motivate people to help in fighting HIV/AIDS, fighting hunger, and protecting the environment in counties around the world. With PC, you’ll get the chance to be a change-maker, serve abroad, and make the most of your world.

Offering programs with different time commitments and requirements, this organization will encourage you to sharpen your skills in a field you’ve always loved like education, health, agriculture, environment, or youth in development.

PC Opportunities to Check Out

Secondary Education English Teacher in Rwanda

In 2008, Rwanda schools transitioned from teaching students French to trying to teach students English. As a volunteer, you’ll help this developing country successfully implement its transition by working closely with the Headmaster and the teaching staff.

Your main tasks will be to teach English listening and speaking skills, organize activities within the classroom, and participate in co-planning and co-teaching with Rwandan instructors.

Learn more here.

Health Extension Volunteer In Benin

Assist Beninese communities in improving the overall well-being and health of their people by focusing on disease prevention and health promotion activities.

This program’s primary objective is to improve hygiene and sanitation, prevent malaria and HIV/AIDS spread, as well as to promote reproductive health with youth.

Your tasks are but not limited to providing malaria education, promoting balanced nutrition among pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, education on disease prevention, and developing sustainable projects in the community.

Learn more here.

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